Internxt Inc. ("Internxt") deeply cares about ensuring the fundamental personal data protection rights of all of its users, clients, and anyone interested in the company by adhering to current personal data protection regulations.

This Privacy Policy must be accepted by clients before any of our products can be purchased. This is because our organization needs to treat your data in a personal way. However, this is always done in compliance with current personal data protection regulations. Therefore, when you register on our website, only the necessary data required to carry out the service will be collected. Users, by accepting this Privacy Policy, declare that all data provided to create an account is accurate and up to date. Users must contact Internxt if they wish to modify any personal data – or they can edit their data in the relevant section of our website.

Users are responsible for any false or inaccurate statements or information provided to Internxt as well as any harm or damage caused to the company by said statements or information. We also reiterate Internxt' commitment to scrupulously comply with every provision set out in current regulations regarding personal data protection. And, specifically, Internxt is committed to the obligation of keeping secret the data to which it has access and to take the necessary security measures to prevent access, modification or deletion of data in an unauthorized manner. This Privacy Policy may be modified at the discretion of Internxt after informing of any change on our website. This enables us to maintain criteria of information transparency and fairness with regard to the treatment that governs the actions of our organization regarding the processing of personal data.

Personal data privacy and form-based collection.

In accordance with prevailing laws and regulations on personal data protection, we notify you that your data will be entered in a processing system owned by Internxt Inc., having its registered office at 2425 Olympic Boulevard Suite 4000-W PMB #701 Santa Monica, CA 90404, United States, for the purpose of replying to your queries and sending you information that may be of interest to you.

In compliance with prevailing laws and regulations, Internxt gives notice that the data will be kept for the time strictly required to comply with the statutory provisions referred to above. Unless you tell us otherwise, we shall assume that your data remained unchanged. You undertake to tell us about any change and give your consent to our using the data for the purposes referred to above. Internxt states that it will process the data legally, fairly, transparently, appropriately, relevantly, subject to limits, accurately and ensure that all data are up to date. Internxt, therefore, undertakes to take all reasonable steps for data to be erased or rectified without delay if they are inaccurate. In accordance with the rights conferred on you by prevailing laws and regulations on data protection, you may exercise your rights of access, rectification, limitation of processing, erasure, portability and objection to processing of your personal data, and surrounding the consent given to their processing, by writing to hello@internxt.com.

The customer acknowledges and accepts that in the event of a technical issue, exceptionally our engineers might have to access the physical server in which the customer data is store and by doing so in very rare circumstances might access customer data. Should this be the case, our engineers will limit their activities to the fixing of the technical problems without using the access or the data that they might have access to for any other uses. Internxt may have to store and retain certain information for the access of the relevant and legitimate public authorities.

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If you have any other concerns, suggestions or questions about any issues relating to privacy on any of Internxt online properties, please contact us via e-mail (hello@internxt.com).