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Our commercial introduces you to Internxt and how we intend to fix the current flaws of cloud storage with our first decentralized service, X Cloud.

Privacy and Security

Decentralization. With real world impact.

To ensure our approach and creating process is met with the upmost clarity, we believe it to be vital that we first establish the right perspective.

Your data belongs to you. Not others.

Current Internet-based services, such as cloud storage platforms are centralized and controlled. We want everybody to have exclusive access and control over their own data. We want your data to be protected against the ability to be stolen, censored, spied upon or lost. Your data belongs to you, and Internxt aims to deliver certainty that nobody else can ever change that.

Designed with your privacy in mind.

At Internxt we are solving the problems of traditional internet services by creating a reliable decentralized network where the trust factor has been entirely eliminated. Our network will be secure and efficient, so everyone can access their content with no interference from cyber thieves, corporations or governmental agencies.


Civic partnership. Securing security.

Internxt and Civic have established a strategic partnership to improve and encourage the correct use of new technologies. Implementing Civic in Internxt’s services will help Internxt authenticate users transparently in order to prevent people with a reputation below a certain threshold signing up to our Internet services.


A clear perspective. For everything we do.

We’re creating decentralized apps and services in such a way that makes decentralization and its associated technology welcoming and accessible to the general public.


Having each product integrate with each other allows for a level of security and functionality not possible with single-product companies.


Great focus will be put on providing an easy transition to our new technologies, without compromising on usability, security or features.


A growing number of high profile breaches of sensitive data are causing concerns about the privacy and safety of information sent via online internet services. Internxt’s goal is to improve internet security, privacy, and efficiency by leveraging the use of decentralized and blockchain technology.


We understand the Complexities of adopting decentralization which was once the issue with personal computing. We are building our services to have universal appeal to make the switch to this new technology simple and easy. Next level digital security, for everyone.


We are putting user experience at the core of our philosophy by creating simple, beautiful and easy-to-use user interfaces. Combining this with innovative technology, we believe that we have the solutions to bring the next, more secure iteration of internet services to the public.

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