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The Internxt story

Fran Villalba Segarra

Founded in 2020 by Fran Villalba Segarra, Internxt is a next-generation open-source cloud storage service based in Europe.

With the advancement of end-to-end encryption and distributed cloud technologies, Internxt is designed and was created to wrestle away control of data away from money-hungry corporations and return power to everyday end-users.

Since our inception, one principle has guided every company decision: privacy is a fundamental human right.

Internxt strives to be an ethical alternative to privacy-light mainstream cloud services offered by Big Tech.

Internxt is currently developing a suite of services, following the successful launch of our very first cloud storage app, Internxt Drive, an alternative to the likes of Google Drive and Dropbox, a year ago.

Our goal is to create a cloud storage ecosystem that gives users total control, security, and privacy of the files and information they choose to move online.

Work at Internxt

Success comes when effort meets ethics

We are sure that when something seems impossible, it’s only because it has not been tried enough. We’re pushing the limits of technology even further to provide innovative and ethical solutions to modern problems.

Live and work to learn

Developing periodic iterations of several products at once pushes us to be on the move and forces us to never settle. We are willing to take on some risk for the right reason and are always looking to learn and improve our products.

Users first, team close second

Whether you work from home or love to leave it all in the office, we want you to feel like a valued part of the team. Internxt is nothing without our team members. We share in the struggle and we share in the success.

Compromise, just not our principles

We are developing technology we wish to see in the future, so we opt for open source software. Limited only by security, privacy, and user-centered design, everything we build must improve humanity’s online experience and respect fundamental digital rights.

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