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Drag and drop suspicious files to detect malware and other breaches for free.Scan any document, image, pdf, or other file types. Make sure your files are safe and free from viruses before you open them with Internxt's zero-knowledge Virus Scanner.

Why it’s vital to use a virus scanner

Scan first, ask questions later.

Spot viruses before they infiltrate your devices.

Viruses hate your privacy

A potent virus can steal sensitive information like your credentials or passwords, encrypt and lock you out of your data, make individual transactions within apps, monitor your computer, and even attack other devices on connected networks. A virus has the potential to access nearly everything that is locked away on your hardware.

Viruses Hate Privacy
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Stop malware before it stops you

Once a virus has propagated, it can infect all your programs and applications without prejudice. Its destructive code can and likely will spread everywhere. That is why t is crucial to utilize virus scanner.

A free online virus scanner you can trust

Safeguard your privacy with our free virus scanner, designed to help you avoid infection and protect your computer.

Scan files for viruses in complete confidence

Internxt has and will always put users' privacy nd security first. We are committed to creating more fair, ore free, nd more transparent internet for all. That's why we created oru free online virus scanner, to shine a light on stealthy viruses and expose

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