The safest cloud storage for all your files, photos, and more.

Syncing, backing up, and sharing your files in total privacy couldn’t be easier. With Internxt Drive we focus on user-friendly encrypted storage with military-grade encryption and file sharding, so only you have control over your files and data.

All kinds of files.
On all your devices.

All your files are available on all your devices.

Securely access all your files from your computer, smartphone, tablet, or any device with a connection to the internet via the most secure cloud storage app.

Keep your files organized and accessible from anywhere.

Internxt Drive lets you organize your files in folders, rename them, and filter a list of files to find what you want faster. You can even backup your computer folders like your documents folder, so you always have the most recent changes of your most important files.

Share your files with ease, security is on us.

Internxt Drive focuses on privacy and security, so you only have to focus on what matters to you, like sharing files with your coworkers, or the photos of your last travel with your family. You choose with who you want to share them and how many times you want them to be downloaded.

Internxt Desktop backups new feature


Back up what matters to you.

Now you can keep the last version of that super important project you are working on, your documents folder, or your university homework, all of them safe in your Internxt Drive.

Start syncing your files in total privacy.

All your files.
Secure and private.

Privacy and security are our core, we don’t run our business on data or advertising, but on trust. We respect your rights and build amazing tools around them, not against them.

Our commitment on privacy

Military-grade encryption.

We take your privacy very seriously, that’s why your files are encrypted so only you can access your files.

Zero-knowledge technology.

We never store or transmit files, user passwords, or encryption keys in an unencrypted or unhashed form.

Privacy by design.

We develop our products with the user in mind, and their privacy is a must in the data-driven world we live in.

Secure from the core.

As security flaws and scandals are the daily news, we make sure our systems keep your data and files safe from attackers.


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