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The importance of a safe password

Why do you need to use a password security checker and why is it important to periodically update or improve your passwords? Simply put, not all passwords are created equal. Some passwords are stronger than others.

What is a strong password?

A strong password follows several rules and best practices making it more difficult to crack. A secure password should:

Have a minimum length of 8 characters
Have at least 3 uppercase letters
Have at least 3 lowercase letters
Contain at least 3 numbers
Have at least 3 non-alphanumeric characters
Not contain 3 or more consecutive characters

Your password is unbreakable, but how about your storage?

Keep your files safe and private with Internxt.

Protect your privacy with our secure password checker

Wondering “how secure is my password” or “will I pass a password test”? Our free and secure password checker was designed to analyze, rate, and improve your passwords. With our tool, you can easily:

  • Check your overall password strength
  • Analyze the complexity and character combination of your password
  • Determine the uniqueness of your password
  • Display how much time it would likely take to crack your password
  • Confirm your password meets all strong password requirements

How safe is our online password checker?

It’s important to make sure that the online password checker you want to use is from a respected cyber security company. Before running any password manager, password checker, or password generator, check carefully that the website address is trusted and reliable.

All Internxt products and services are designed to put the user first above all else. Our password checker, just like our cloud services, is 100% open-source and independently verifiable.

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Why trust Internxt’s password security checker?

At Internxt, we create secure, encrypted, zero-knowledge technologies. All our services are developed with users’ privacy in mind and all of our services are built to keep your data safe.

We believe our password checker, along with our other free resources, online tools, and cloud storage services, should serve a free society and allow all persons to pursue excellence without fear for their digital security.

We do not store user data. We don’t make money from hosting ads or trading user data. We end-to-end encrypt all information uploaded to the Internxt before it ever leaves a user’s device. We are working to make Web3 a reality and build a more fair internet for all.

There's more to security than a strong password...

Let Internxt help!

Other free tools for online security

Practicing safe online strategies and using the right digital tools can dramatically lower the risk of identity theft and data breaches.

In addition to our password security checker, our free Virus Scanner was designed to help you avoid infection and protect and remove malware from your computer.

Be sure to also check out our Privacy Directory, a curated list of digital rights organizations and nonprofits actively advocating for the right to privacy and the protection of internet users through social initiatives, digital education, and civil action.

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Questions? We have answers.

With Internxt’s password security checker, you can test your password and be sure that it is as secure as it can possibly be. Also, all passwords entered into our security password checker are not saved or stored in any way, leaving them safe to use for any of your accounts.

Type in your password and find out! If your password scores high, you’ve aced the password test. Generally, the longer and more complex (meaning the more different numbers, letters, and characters) the better.

Follow the rules listed above or check out our article explaining how to create strong passwords. If you're still having trouble coming up with a good password, find a legitimate random password generator and let a trusted service do it for you. Just, be sure to remember the password it creates for you.

Using a unique password for each site, especially complex ones, can be difficult to manage. Look into downloading a trusted password manager to manage all your passwords for you.

Typically these services create a secure list you can access with only one password. The more modern password managers operate through an add-on or extension in your browser. Some browsers have password-saving and password generator features included as well.

A good example of a strong password is fG,\P6tQnRz-Ur$\a. Definitely, not easy to remember but it is extremely difficult to crack. Password generators and password managers can help you create and manage strong passwords.

If you prefer something you can easily remember, continually type in possible passwords into our password checker until you find one that scores high in security. There’s no limit to how many passwords you check.

Creating, organizing, and remembering long, complex passwords can be a hassle. It’s smart to enlist the help of a trusted password manager and password generator. Rather than writing down or saving passwords on your phone, it’s much safer to let a password manager do it for you.


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