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Data leaks can lead to job loss, legal troubles, and blackmailing

Our cloud storage keeps your files safe, even if your device gets stolen OR hacked.

Peace of mind, guaranteed with Internxt.

Hundreds of thousands are ditching iCloud, Google Drive, and Dropbox for the most secure cloud storage - Internxt Drive

Internxt is a convenient cloud storage service for privacy-conscious clients. It has a streamlined interface and a reliable support team, which makes it a great option for those who need to store their files securely.

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Eva Williams

Journalist for

The best encrypted Dropbox alternative. Overall: We needed an alternative that allowed us to store client files and work (social media files) and as Internxt is GDPR friendly fit perfectly for us!

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Cristian M.

Review from GetApp

I've been using Google Drive for several years, but I needed an alternative which granted me the privacy of my data. Something that Google or other well known platforms can't do. That's why I moved to Internxt.

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Josep Carrizo

Review from Trustpilot

Why choose Internxt?

Internxt puts you back in control of your data with zero-knowledge, military-grade encryption.

We use open source code, allowing independent verification of our security practices. Internxt empowers you to own your data, offering unparalleled privacy and peace of mind.

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Internxt secure cloud storage

Secure cloud storage with unmatched privacy

What makes Internxt so special? We value your privacy and want to protect you against the emerging threats of data breaches. Unlike Big Tech companies like Google Drive, we never monitor, collect, or profit from your data.

Independently Verified Security

Your peace of mind is our priority. That's why our services successfully passed a security audit from a leading European pen-testing company, validating that your data and files are secure against hackers.

Effortless collaboration

Internxt offers increased control over how you manage your privacy and who can access your files. Safely share, edit, and access files with management permissions and password protection.

Backup storage on demand

Save your data from disaster with built-in redundancy. Back up your essential work and projects across multiple fast servers throughout the EU and access them from all your devices.

Secure and accessible

Internxt protects your data with cutting-edge encryption, so you can work and access your files from anywhere with complete peace of mind.

Choose the right plan for you

All Internxt plans are fully featured with complete access to all of our privacy services. Security for all shapes and sizes.



End-to-end encrypted

Open-source and audited

Anonymous account creation

Secure cloud storage

Built for the future

We want to build a better World Wide Web, one that’s fair, safe, and equitable for all. The battle is raging for the future of internet privacy, and we’re at the frontline.

The fight for privacy

All your devices, one seamless experience

Internxt is available on all platforms, even Linux! Sync your files and photos with our mobile, web, and desktop apps, each engineered to supercharge your encrypted storage on the go.

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End-to-end encrypted cloud storage
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Get 1GB free and see if privacy suits you before going all in!

You are not the product

Internxt offers a growing family of products like Drive, Send, and VPN all built with a focus on user privacy. Trusted by leading brands worldwide, Internxt empowers individuals like you to take control of your data and privacy.

Internxt Drive

Take back control of your files and data with Internxt Drive. Storing and backing up your files in complete privacy couldn’t be any easier. Modern cloud storage meets military-grade encryption.

Internxt Send

Send allows you to end-to-end encrypt and share large files fast without worrying about the security of your documents, images, or videos. Transfer to anyone in total confidentiality.

Internxt VPN

Internxt VPN encrypts and secures your internet connection, protecting you from data leaks, hackers, and network attacks. Keep your data private and protected from prying eyes.

Questions? We have answers

No. Internxt, along with any other third-party, cannot access your files, photos, or data.

Internxt services feature zero-knowledge encryption, meaning that only you can truly access your private data. Additionally, Internxt's architecture fragments your files before encrypting them, so a server never holds a whole file, just an encrypted shard of it instead, which only you can decrypt.

No. As such, Internxt does not (and cannot) store your password.

Your Internxt password is unique to you and used to encrypt and decrypt your Internxt data. But if you want to change your password, you can do so from our app.

Yes. You can configure two-factor Authentication for your account through the Internxt web app.

You can also use Authy or any other 2FA tools to generate a personal 2FA code with Internxt.

To create a free Internxt account, simply click the best plan above and follow the instructions.

Or head to our homepage and click on “Get started.” You will instantly get 1GB of free storage for life with a free Internxt membership. You can use your free membership to access all our services. To sign up, simply enter your name and email address. No identity nor email verification is required to start using Internxt's services.

Internxt currently accepts debit and credit cards (Mastercard, VISA, American Express, etc). You can also pay via PayPal, iDEAL, Sofort and Bancontact.

Under request, we also accept, Cryptocurrency and SEPA Debit. If you have doubts about payment methods, simply email us at

Internxt offers a standard 30-day money-back guarantee across all its paid subscriptions, which starts counting as soon as you subscribe.

And if you're ever unsatisfied with our service, reach out to us at and request a refund. We will honor your request, no questions asked!

Canceling your subscription is simple. Open the Internxt app, navigate to settings, and select 'Cancel Subscription.' This action will terminate your subscription immediately, and your account will revert to a free plan.

Please note that any remaining time on your current paid subscription will not be refunded or carried over. For instance, if you cancel a one-year plan with four months remaining, you will lose access to those remaining four months.

You can also cancel a paid plan and your Internxt account via settings, which will delete your subscription, account, and all your files.

Can't find what you're looking for? You can contact our Customer Success team via live chat or by sending an email to

We offer lifetime plans which you can purchase from our website. These grant you lifetime access to our plans, with up to 10TB of storage for a unique, one-time payment.

Yes, you can add as much storage as you want to your Internxt lifetime membership. Internxt lifetime plans are stackable. Simply purchase them with the same email address and contact us at so we can stack them together for you on the same account.

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