Internxt CLI and WebDAV support

Internxt works with your chosen WebDAV client to manage your Internxt Drive files via commands.

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Internxt Command Line Interface & WebDAV support

Internxt’s CLI interacts with your computer via a series of commands. A CLI offers a powerful and efficient way to manage various tasks with your Internxt Drive account.

Internxt CLI acts as a bridge between your computer and Internxt Drive through your chosen WebDAV client. WebDAV is an extension of HTTP that allows you to manage files between your local machine and your Internxt account.

How to install

Step 2:

Log in to the CLI using the internxt login command.

Step 3:

Choose your preferred WebDAV client.

Step 4:

Insert the URL and port 3005.

Why use a CLI with a WebDAV client

We built the Internxt CLI  and WebDAV support with the same emphasis on security and award-winning architecture for our commitment to privacy.

Your files are encrypted on your device before ever reaching our servers, and only you possess the decryption key. This unwavering commitment to security puts you in complete control of your data.

Remember to prioritize security when transferring sensitive or confidential data online.

Use the Internxt CLI for advanced file management with Internxt

By creating an account you accept the terms of service, and privacy policy.

Download the Internxt CLI

Windows image


For Windows 10 and higher.

Install using npm


For MacOS 11 Big Sur or higher.

Install using npm

Linux image


Ubuntu and Debian

Install using npm

Security meets privacy

Protect your files with Internxt's secure cloud storage.

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How to build and use Internxt CLI

We have created resources to help you download the Internxt CLI and get started with WebDAV.


Information about the Internxt CLI. Find out about its usage, features, commands, and download instructions from our GitHub Repository.

Learn more

User guide

Learn more about the Internxt CLI, how WebDAV works, and security features from our help center.

Read guide


Stay updated with new updates for the Internxt CLI from our source code to find out about new releases and features.

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Manage your files like a pro

Enjoy direct control of your files with desktop file management functionalities.

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Questions? We have answers

The Internxt Command Line Interface interacts with a computer program by typing text commands instead of using a mouse and Graphical User Interface (GUI) like windows, icons, and menus.

CLIs are powerful tools for those who want more control and efficiency in interacting with their computers.

WebDAV stands for Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning. Its basic functionality includes sharing, copying, moving, and editing files through a web server. WebDAV commonly uses HTTP security protocols to ensure secure communication between clients and servers.

To install our CLI on your computer and start using WebDAV, you can follow the installation steps from our GitHub page.

Yes. When enabled, the WebDAV feature uses a local-only server on your machine, thanks to our CLI. We implement the same zero-knowledge and end-to-end encryption methods to guarantee the privacy and security of your files.

We support the following WebDAV clients:

  • CyberDuck
  • Transmit
  • Cadaver
  • Finder

Internxt uses self-signed certificates for the WebDAV local server. While some WebDAV clients might raise a warning about these certificates, they are safe to ignore. The encryption protects your data regardless.