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"Individual users and businesses that prioritize security will enjoy advanced security features and commitment to privacy"

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Who says best-in-class security can't be affordable? Protect your privacy and take back total control of your data with any one of our three plans:

How we ensure user privacy

We take privacy and security very seriously, that's why we employ a stack of technologies and protocols to always ensure tht your data remains safe and private.

Military-grade encryption

All the data you store in your Internxt account is encrypted with AES-256. This means that the most powerful processor in the world would need twice the age of the universe to decrypt a small file.

Zero-knowledge technology

We make sure that there is no point in time where files, photos, passwords, or any unencrypted data is visible to unauthorized users or servers.

GDPR-compliant synchronization

We conform with all GDPR provisions, such as privacy by design, the right to information, and the right to be forgotten, among many others, and are committed to meeting all future provisions.

End-to-end encryption

Everything you store or transfer is encrypted before leaving your device, making it impossible to decrypt without the user's permission. Even we can't access your files, photos, or passwords.