X Cloud

Next generation cloud file storage.


A cloud.
On a really good day.

We believe the intention of creating beautiful design not only ensures pleasing aesthetics but a joyful product experience. We built X Cloud to be simple, intuitive, yet powerful and customizable.

X Core Dashboard

Folders. Your folders are spread across the homescreen to make finding your files easier, without having to open multiple folders.

Sub-Folders. Sub-folders help keep different categories of documents separate and easy to find. A simple clutter-free space.

Play. With playback support for the most popular video and audio codecs, play your files without having to download them.


Have it your way.

Everybody has their own individual style when it comes to how they work, organise and play. So we created an interface that can dynamically change to suit your taste, to allow for a more limitless workflow.

Tags and folder colors.
Bring life to your files.

Some files meet special criteria that you may want to categorize, but still keep them in separate folders, eg. favourite files or files for an upcoming project. With tags, you can do just this. A more powerful way to organize. Folders can also be customised in various colors. Maybe you prefer a Health folder green or a Movie folder purple, to increase visibility or to suit the contents theme.

Tags and folder colors bring life to your files.

A dynamic interface that's tailored to you.

Each folder can be individually sorted in different ways. Maybe you want to sort your project folder by date added, your music collection by most frequently opened, or make the previews of your photo collection fill the entire thumbnail, so you can hide the file names and enjoy a more minimalistic experience. X Cloud will also automatically remember the sorting option for each folder.

A dynamic interface that's tailored to you

X Cloud Alpha

Powered by us. Driven by you.

Install X Cloud Alpha on your MacOS, Windows or Linux machine to test the core of our infrastructure. Users will be able to sign up to X Cloud and upload files to the test network.


A personal cloud you can trust.

Internxt is providing you with a new way to store your files. X Cloud is faster, cheaper, and more secure than traditional cloud storage platforms.


With traditional cloud services, your files are centralized and are lawfully accessible. With X Cloud your data is no longer stored in a central location, but instead end-to-end encrypted, split into pieces, and then distributed amongst different machines all around the world. So now, only you have access to your digital possessions, the way it should have always been.


Todays adopted cloud is vulnerable to a variety of attacks which can lead to encryption walls being bypassed, which makes your personal information accessible to hackers. With X Cloud, your stored personal information is also a part of the distributed network, meaning customer information is no longer just sitting in one central location, but split and distributed across thousands of locations.


Having multiple machines simultaneously acting together means its much faster at retrieving your files due to having far more computer power serving you at any one time.


X Cloud is an open-source network, meaning you are renting people's unused hard-drive space, which results in a dramatic decrease in storage costs for the end user.

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