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Advanced architecture that brings a new level of security.

Security reimagined.

We've reimagined cloud storage on a security level by solving major problems with current adopted cloud services such as, having jurisdiction to censor individuals, providing users data to governmental agencies, and selling customer data to other companies. X Cloud removes this destructivity of privacy by giving users total control of their personal data.

Advanced Encryption.

Your files are end-to-end encrypted by smart contract cryptography, split into pieces, and then distributed amongst different machines around the world. This means your personal data is apart of the distributed network and no longer sitting in one central location so there is almost no conceivable way for unauthorized third parties to access your data.

Find the storage plan that’s right for you.

When signing up to X Cloud, users get 10GB of secure cloud storage for free, so everyone can experience X Cloud without having to set-up any payment details. If you enjoy the service and need extra storage, you can upgrade to our incredibly affordable plans starting at $1.49. X Cloud, a more secure and affordable cloud storage service.


Forever free





The most powerful technology is technology that everyone can use.

The dashboard is your X Cloud homescreen. All your options such as, search, upload, new folder, download, delete, and file sharing are spread across the top of your home screen to allow for a more limitless workflow and to make using your cloud easier, without having to click multiple times to get to where you want to be. So you can focus on the things that matter.
With X Cloud, you can securely store all your files and access them from your Mac, PC, Windows or Linux computer. You can easily invite people to view, download or work on a file with you from anywhere in the world.
We wanted to create a dynamic interface that's tailored to the user. Folders can be customised in various colours. Maybe you prefer a Health folder green or a Movie folder purple, to increase visibility, to suit the contents theme or to just simply look more appealing. You can also add a variety of different icons on the cover of any folder. Maybe you want to add a Dollar icon to a salary folder or an image icon to your holiday folder.

Do more. Wherever.

The X Cloud app will allow you to access your files from your iOS and Android devices. All your files will stay up to date automatically across all your devices.

Your data. In your hands.

Enabling hosts to store and transfer data.