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Child safety eBook

Internxt’s free eBook on child safety is designed to give parents and guardians essential tips to safeguard their children online.

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Keeping Kids Safe Online:

Tips and Strategies for Parents and Guardians

The internet can be dangerous for anyone unfamiliar with the basics of online safety, so how are kids supposed to stay safe online?

Platforms such as YouTube and Roblox have millions of children logging in to their service every day. Without the proper parental controls in place, children can be exposed to cyberbullying, phishing scams, or worse.

This eBook will cover the essentials you need to keep your kids safe online with parental controls designed to protect children from the potential dangers of the internet.

Parenting in the digital age

One of the many valuable gifts a parent or guardian can give their children is advice on staying safe online.

With all the new trends and technology online, it can be difficult for parents to keep up with the latest dangers their children face.

This eBook will help parents and guardians take the necessary steps to protect their children so that they can learn, create, and interact online in a safe, controlled environment.

What you will learn:

What kids are doing online

Why online safety is essential for kids

Potential risks of YouTube & Roblox

And more

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