Internxt: a more secure pCloud alternative

Worried about pCloud’s hidden source code and extra cost for encryption? Are you certain pCloud doesn’t store your password or access your files? Internxt offers free, built-in encryption and open-source transparency.

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Internxt vs. pCloud comparison

Discover characteristics of Internxt that make it a more private pCloud alternative

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Code transparency
Included in all plans
Paid extra (pCloud Crypto)
Competitive, no hidden costs
Affordable, but extra for encryption
Security Audits
Regular security audits
Not available
Live Support
Data Trackers
Yes (Facebook pixel, TikTok, Linkedin, etc)
Privacy Laws
GDPR, Spanish Data Protection Laws
Claims Swiss privacy laws

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Internxt vs pCloud

Find out why Internxt’s privacy makes it a more secure alternative to pCloud

Privacy and security

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Your Files, Your Control

Open-Source Code

As Internxt's code is open to anyone, everyone may examine it and ensure its security. This transparency guarantees that no vulnerabilities are hidden.

End-to-End Encryption

Your data is encrypted on the client side, guaranteeing that only you can access it.


Internxt's services have been reviewed by security experts by a leading European penetration testing company. This ensures your data stays secure against external threats like hackers and breaches.

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What About Your Privacy?

Closed-Source Code

The closed-source aspect of pCloud's code implies that only the company can access it. Users have no way to check what is happening with their data.

pCloud Crypto

This encryption feature is not open-source but an extra-paid feature (without it, users are not protected). This raises questions about its real security and transparency.

Password Storage Concerns

Without open-source verification, how can you be sure that pCloud does not save your password or that other people can't access it?

Cost and value

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Complete Security at No Extra Cost

Reasonable Plans

Attractive prices without any hidden charges.

Full Protection

All plans include free encryption and security features. We protect your data from the moment you create an account.

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Pay More for Uncertainty

Pay More for Encryption

To protect your files with encryption, you must pay for the pCloud Crypto add-on.

Hidden Costs

Although pCloud plans may seem affordable, the additional cost of essential client-side encryption or additional download traffic can make your plan more expensive.

Transparency and Trust

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Built on Trust and Transparency

Community-Driven Development

Because Internxt is open source, it can be improved through community contributions and frequent evaluations by security professionals.

No Secrets

Clear policies and open-source code ensure that there are no surprises

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No Transparency

Proprietary Software

pCloud is not transparent because it uses closed-source software

Trust Issues

Users have to trust pCloud blindly with their data without being able to check it.

User experience and features

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Modern and User-Friendly Design

Easy Interface

Simple to use with a focus on security and privacy.


Works on all major platforms, giving you easy access to your files.

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Additional Features but at a Price

Feature Set

pCloud offers many features but they come at an extra cost and privacy issues.

User Interface

The interface is outdated, making paying extra for an essential feature like encryption hurt the overall experience.

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Is pCloud safe?

pCloud's closed-source encryption makes it difficult to verify its security effectiveness, raising concerns about accessing your files.

Suspicious emails

Many pCloud users have received phishing emails from scammers. It's unclear how hackers got these emails, but pCloud denies a data breach.


Zero-knowledge encryption is an additional cost with pCloud. Consequently, free or even paid users might find their information less protected.

Content scanning

Many pCloud users have reported their accounts being unfairly terminated and taken down without warning due to suspected trademark violations or illegal content.


pCloud uses trackers on its website (from Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok) to collect your data, increasing the risk of privacy breaches and unwanted marketing

No trackers. No problems.

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Why should you choose Internxt as your pCloud alternative?

Discover features of Internxt that make us a more secure, private pCloud alternative

Open source and transparent

Internxt is an open-source alternative to pCloud as the code for all our products and services is available on GitHub. Our commitment to data security guarantees transparency about how your data is handled and protected.

Security audited

Internxt's services have been reviewed by security experts by a leading European penetration testing company. This ensures your data stays secure against external threats like hackers and breaches.

Zero data tracking

If you don’t want your data monitored to show personalized ads, then Internxt is a more private alternative to pCloud. We don’t use any trackers on our website that can review, monitor, or profit from your browsing.


Internxt operates with complete transparency, ensuring your data privacy is protected by European laws. Our GDPR compliance guarantees your information is handled securely and according to strict regulations.

Privacy-focused encryption

Internxt includes zero knowledge and end-to-end encryption for your free and paid accounts. We only store the encrypted version of your data, and only you have the key to decrypt and access it.

Flexible storage plans

Internxt Drive offers more paid plans and greater storage options than the pCloud pricing structure. If you need a pCloud alternative that offers monthly, annual, and lifetime plans, choose from any of our affordable plans, starting at 200GB to 10TB.

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