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Encryption & Security
Encryption at rest and in transit
End-to-end encrypted storage
End-to-end encrypted file sharing
Zero-knowledge encryption
Two-Factor authentication
GDPR Compliant synchronization
AES-256 Encryption
Zero-knowledge access from browsers
No third-party file access
Storage & File management
Sync any folders
Web app
Windows desktop app
Mac desktop app
Linux desktop app
Android app
iOS app
Backup folders and files
File Sharding
Unlimited bandwidth
Free account storage
Support center
Live chat support
Open source
Controlled file sharing
File requests
Password protection for links
Download limits for links

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Unlike other competitors, advertising is not our business model. Your data should only be yours. We focus on the security and privacy of you and your files and photos. Using Internxt you can feel secure again.

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Why people love Internxt?

“Internxt has been quietly working on an ambitious plan to make decentralized cloud storage massively accessible”

Natasha Lomas


“Is more secure and more private than mainstream cloud-based apps such as those offered by tech giants like Google”

Alison Coleman


“The big Internet giants have a catch: the exploitation of data for advertising. [...] Internxt combats this by offering an encrypted and distributed cloud”

Miguel Ángel Moreno

Business Insider

Questions? We have answers

If you compare Internxt with all the other services, you will find that Internxt is the most private and secure alternative to Google Drive, Dropbox, and other popular services.