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Internxt's free file converter

Our File Converter takes the stress out of file management and storage by offering a simple, secure, and quick solution to convert your PDFs, Word (Doc), images, and more.

In just a few simple steps, you can take an unsupported file and convert it to your preferred format so you can edit, protect, and collaborate on your files with ease. Say goodbye to unsupported formats with our free, secure, private file converter.

How to use Internxt's file converter

  • Step 1: Upload the file you want from your device, or click & drag it on the page.
  • Step 2: Wait a few seconds for us to convert your file.
  • Step 3: Your download will start automatically.

Why use a file converter

Internxt’s file converter removes the struggles of downloading incompatible files and gives you multiple options to secure, edit, and collaborate on documents. Our free online file converter eliminates the reliance on third parties or expensive downloads that could pose risks to the privacy of your files.

Convert multiple file formats

We offer the most popular file conversions for increased efficiency, customization, and versatility when working on projects, presentations, or spreadsheets.

Privacy guaranteed

Files are uploaded using encryption via HTTPS to protect your content. Internxt does not store the files you use with our file converter.

No registration required

Convert your files in complete privacy—no need to share personal information such as email, usernames, or billing information.

Integrate with the Internxt ecosystem

Our file converter integrates perfectly with all Internxt products to convert, store, and share your files in complete privacy.

Access and convert your files from anywhere

Use our file converter from anywhere to quickly access the files you need without limitations.

Multiple uses

Internxt’s file converter is perfect for professional, educational, or personal file management.

Tired of incompatible files?

Convert to the files you need with Internxt

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File management, made simple.

Convert and store files securely with Internxt Drive.

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Questions? We have answers

We offer popular PDF file converter options, including a free PDF to Word converter. We also support options to convert PNG, JPG, Excel, PowerPoint, WEBP, and HTML files.

Our file converter currently supports file sizes up to 1GB.

We encrypt the files you upload with the industry-standard AES 256 encryption that scrambles them throughout the conversion process. Your files are automatically deleted from our servers once the conversion is complete.

Internxt does not store any of your personal data or files on our servers. We respect your right to privacy and take the necessary measures to ensure your data only belongs to you.

Yes, you can use our File Converter for free.

A stable and reliable internet connection will convert your files in a matter of seconds. However, file conversions will vary depending on your internet connection, the size of your file, and which file format you are converting to.

Once the file converter finishes converting your files, your download will start automatically, or you can click ‘download file’ to begin the download manually.

No, you can use our file converter as much as you like and download as many files as you need without paying for premium plans.