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Discover more about our mission to provide a safer, more secure internet for everyone. This page serves as a go-to resource for journalists and media outlets to download our visual and content assets.

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Internxt secure cloud storage

Stand for privacy, switch to Internxt

Internxt is rapidly growing as a trusted cloud storage provider for people across the globe. Why? Because we offer advanced encryption technologies, a zero-knowledge philosophy, and our open-source approach to building our products allow for complete transparency and security.

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Our product suite

Our services are tools built for you. Drive, Photos and Send are just the beginning of a full family of products that put you back in charge of your privacy.

Internxt Drive

Safe cloud storage for your files, photos, and more.

Store your files with confidence. Internxt offers you a safe space for your essential documents with client-side and end-to-end encryption. With Drive, you control your privacy. Internxt will never view, save, or share your data.

Internxt Photos

Capture, share, and secure your photos in one place.

Sync your photos in total privacy and access them from anywhere, on any device. Create and share your favorite moments with a secure link, and control who can view, access, and download your memories.

Internxt Send

Safe cloud storage for your files, photos, and more.

Share your files in any format via a password-protected link or email. Internxt’s zero-knowledge architecture maximizes the security and privacy of your files. Maintain rock-solid confidentiality of your sensitive information from the moment you hit send.

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What makes Internxt special?

Our team is dedicated to protecting our users online. The decisions we make and the products we build are centered around strengthening the privacy of our users.

Internxt in the news


Internxt is a cloud storage solution offering a significantly more economical, private, and secure service than what is currently available on the market.


The zero-knowledge file storage service is based on absolute privacy and uncompromising security. One of the company’s strong points is its commitment to security.


The military-grade encryption cloud storage company that is going up against the international corporate giants with a suite of encrypted cloud services.


Fantastically affordable storage, sync, and backup that will totally preserve your files.


Internxt is a zero-knowledge and encrypted cloud storage service you should check out.


Internxt is a cloud storage solution that successfully competes with tech giants such as Google, Microsoft or Apple.

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