More secure than ever.

A zero-knowledge architecture

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Encryption. Advanced security that gives you all
the control to manage your cloud.

Truthfully Transparent.

Internxt Drive is fully transparent about its practices unlike other corporations who have abused their position and violated their user’s privacy. They collect, store and analyze more of their users data than is actually needed for any given interaction.

Cryptographic Encryption.

Our system is empowered with several types of cryptographic encryption at every stage of our processes. Files, shards, access passwords, and other textual data are protected with SHA 256 or AES 256 CTR cryptographic methods.

Secure. In every way.

Decentralization.A new kind of technology that gives you more privacy, security and freedom.

Files uploaded are client-side encrypted and fragmented into independent shards.

Machines hold encrypted shards, never whole files. Servers are distributed all over the globe.

An answer to the challenge of providing a truly secure and
cloud storage solution.

No third-party can ever access your files. Only you hold the decryption key and can retrieve the fragments.

A new kind of technology that gives you more privacy, security and freedom

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