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  • “Internxt’s Drive is developing a solution to improve internet security, privacy and efficiency by leveraging the use of decentralized technology.”

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  • “So Internxt’s primary product is the simply named Drive. Its aim is a totally secure, completely reliable cloud storage for the everyman.”

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Frequently asked questions from
Internxt Drive

How is Internxt Drive different from other cloud storage providers?

Drive provides a significantly more private and eco-friendly alternative to traditional cloud storage services. Files hosted on Internxt are client-side encrypted, using zero-knowledge encryption. Additionally, these are fragmented and each independent shard is never hosted in the same machine. Internxt counts with servers distributed across the whole world in which encrypted data fragments are privately hosted.

What payment methods are accepted to upgrade my plan?

You can use any Credit or Debit Card to pay for your Internxt subscription.

Can I use Internxt Drive across multiple devices?

Totally! You can use Internxt Drive on your smartphone (iOS & Android), desktop (MacOS, Windows, Linux) and web browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Brave..)

Why aren't the thumbnails of my files available?

Files on Internxt Drive are client-side encrypted, meaning that only you have access to those. As such, we can never see what you upload on Internxt, and thus can't provide you a thumbnail of it.

Can I upload any file format?

Yes, any file format can be uploaded on Drive!

What is decentralized cloud storage?

Decentralization allows Drive to provide a completely unique cloud storage service, where files are encrypted, fragmented and each fragmnent is hosted in servers present all over the world. This allows us to provide higher levels of privacy, eco-friendlyness and reliability. These servers are ran by high-quality operators running our exclusive Internxt Core program. Internxt Core is ran on already existing hardware, leveraging unused storage space, and thus providing a highly green cloud storage service. Since we count with storage servers everywhere in the globe, we also leverage latency to reduce energy consumption when sending you your files.

Start using Drive today with 2 GB on us.

Internxt Drive is available on Web, Desktop and Mobile. We have a range of storage plans to suit your needs. 20 GB for €0.89, 200 GB for €3.49 or 2 TB for just €8.99.

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