Setup & Tips

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Download the Core desktop app.

Start earning money by renting out the extra storage space of your machine. The set up is quick and easy, and you’ve only got to do it once. Download & Install the latest version of Core. Core will detect the Operating System that you are currently using and will automatically download the correct version of the software.

Set-up your Core node

Insert your INXT Wallet address, choose where you’d like to store the encrypted shards of data from Drive users, allocate the desired storage capacity you want your node to provide and finally, insert your public IP, you can Google “what’s my IP” to find your public IP address. If your IP is dynamic (one that periodically changes), you can use noip and enter your hostname instead. Click here to find out whether your public IP is static or dynamic.

Open your routers port.

All communication in and to your node will go through a port in your router that you need to open. X Core will suggest which port you need to open when setting it up. In the event that you want to choose your own port instead of one suggested by us, when entering your public IP address in Step 2, you can write it in the format IP:Port (eg To open your port, you will need to access with your browser in order to access your router configuration.

In your router configuration enter the port range you want to open (the range should include the specific port you want to open). When entering the port number, you will need to enter an IP. If in the case your IP isn’t that of Step 2 you will need to gather your internal IP address instead. Enter “ipconfig /all” in your Windows terminal. For Linux and Mac, enter “ifconfig” instead. For a quick 4-minute video tutorial on how to open a port in your router, you can click here. You can also click here to check whether your port was correctly opened.

X Core

You're all set!

Every month we will send you a payout based on how much disk space you got allocated and how much INXT you held. The more time you run the node, the more likely it is that the network will allocate your node files since it will rank you as a higher quality node than that of other users. For any questions, you can join our Telegram community to directly chat with our tech team and other community members.

Frequently asked questions from Internxt Core users.

Can anyone run an Internxt Core node?

Totally! Anyone can run an Internxt Core node. All you need is a machine with enough available storage space (eg your laptop). Joining Internxt Core is quick and easy!

What operating systems are compatible?

You can run Internxt Core on Linux, Windows and MacOS.

What’s the minimum amount of space needed to get paid?

The minimum monthly payout is of €5, which corresponds to 500 GB of hosted data. However, you can boost your payout by holding Internxt tokens. Check out our payout calculator in the Internxt Core page.

How much data can I expect my node to store?

If you run a node almost uninterruptedly, you should be able to hit the minimum payout in just around a month of running Internxt Core. Once that threshold is reached, you will have already secured a recurring, increasing monthly passive income! There is no real limit on how much you can host and therefore earn by running Internxt Core.

How is my node selected to receive data?

We want Internxt Drive data to be held by the best performing nodes, so that we can provide a top-notch service to our customers. Nodes are mainly selected based on their available space and uptime.

How often will I get paid?

Internxt Core payouts are usually sent during the first week of each new month.

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