X Core is a peer-to-peer network, meaning its formulated by hosts. This eliminates the need for a central controller as each host acts as a decentralized node for sharing data within the network. Hosts donate the unused resources of their computer creating a global network of storage and computing servers.


No centralized server or processor is responsible for maintaining or processing the data as its distributed over a world-wide network and not stored in a central base of servers which means there are no questions about which individual entity owns the data which is being shared in the network.


If one attached device goes down, the network will detect the failing nodes and transparently adjust and correct the impacted blocks automatically. This removes the destructivity of having data stored on client-server networks, because if the server goes down it takes the entire network with it.


Since the number of running nodes may vary in the course of time, X Core will balance the data-load across multiple nodes. This enables X Core to regulate the workload of each networked computer efficiently, meaning the system automatically maintains the right balance between all hosts.

Empowering the information era.

X Core is a simple downloadable desktop application that enables contributors to globally cooperate in the creation of Internxt’s decentralized internet services.

Host easier. Earn more.

By renting out your extra hard-drive space and storing and uploading data, you’ll be paid in our cryptocurrency, INXT. You don’t even need to be on your computer, just leave it running in the background and your computer will earn you passive income.

Creating what’s next.

Each host can decide how much computer resources they designate to the network, as well as when and how long for.

Do something extraordinary with extraordinary technology.

Subscribe to our beta list to be first in-line to download X Core and to start earning passive income by sharing your machines un-used hard drive space.

As simple as it is beautiful. Design that’s as simple as it is beautiful.

Functionality and complexity were always kept in a tight balance, so that using this new techology feels second nature, even if you never have before.

The dashboard is your X Core homescreen which displays only your necessary information, so you can get started as quickly as possible without having to learn anything new. Current earnings, shows how much INXT you have earned since day-one. Network data, displays your upload and download speed, uptime and your connectivity status.
You have full control over how much computer resource usage you designate for hosting by adjusting your hosting parameters to be able to ensure hosting never interferes with your experience. The more you designate to the network, the more INXT you will earn.

A Step-forward for the cloud.

A cloud platform built with total security and privacy.