Internxt Core

For storage providers

Internxt Core is a simple peer-to-peer downloadable application that enables hosts to act as computing servers who securely store and share encrypted shards of Internxt Drive users data.

Nodes in over


Different countries

More than

10 PB

Available data

All the hard work has been done for you.

Internxt Core is quick and easy to set up. Simply download the desktop application, create your node and your device will automatically be connected, and will always be connected unless you say otherwise.

Store more. Earn more.

Hosts rent out their computers extra hard-drive space which allows the storing and uploading of users encrypted data. In return hosts will be paid in our cryptocurrency, INXT. The more hard-drive space you allocate to the network, the more INXT you will earn.

Reclaiming your power.

Each host can decide how much computer resources they designate to the network, as well as when and for how long. You can leave Internxt Core running in the background and your computer will earn you passive income. Better by design.

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Calculate how much you can earn with Internxt Core.

The more space you host and the more INXT you own will calculate to a greater passive income. You'll get paid by the space that is actually being used in your node. Below is an estimation of how much you can earn by using Internxt Core.


Internxt Core homescreen displays only your necessary information, so you can get started as quickly as possible without having to learn anything new.


Setting up your Internxt Core is simple and easy. Enter your ERC20 address, select where you want to store data and then choose how much storage you want to allocate.

Introducing X Core

Introducing Core Get paid to share

Start using Drive today with 2 GB on us.

Internxt Drive is available on Web, Desktop and Mobile. We have a range of storage plans to suit your needs. 20 GB for €0.89, 200 GB for €3.49 or 2 TB for just €8.99.

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