X Core

Giving life to the new era of the Internet.


Software with security at its core.

X Core sits at the heart of Internxt’s products and services. Technology to empower everyone.

Community driven.

X Core is formulated by hosts. This eliminates the need for a central controller, as each host is important as one another. Hosts donate the unused resources of their computer creating a global network of storage and computing servers.

Run X Core. Earn INXT.

By hosting your unused computer resources on the X Core network, you’ll be paid in our cryptocurrency, INXT. You don’t even need to be on your computer, just leave it running in the background and your computer will earn you passive income.

Growth. By design.

Financial rewards for hosting encourages more people to sign up and grow the X Core network. The more hosts, the better the network will run. A dramatic decrease in storage costs encourages a much larger number of users, which, in turn, greatly increases the value of INXT, Internxt’s cryptocurrency. Growth from every angle.

Intelligent and Versatile.

Each host can decide how much computer resources they designate to the network, as well as when and how long for. X Core will automatically find you the optimum host specific to your needs in case certain hosts decide to designate a small number of resources to the network. So your data is always retrieved as fast as possible.

X Core Alpha

Powered by us. Driven by you.

Install X Core Alpha on your MacOS, Windows or Linux machine to test the core of our infrastructure. Users will be able to run the X Core application and test how the network will run and function.


New technology.
Familiar in design.

X Core is a simple downloadable open-source application that enables anyone to act as a decentralized node to store and transfer data.

An easy transition.

Hosting on the X Core network shouldn’t ever feel intimidating. We want you to be comfortable with this new kind of technology so that it quickly feels like something you’ve always known.

Core functionality.

When designing X Core, we wanted to make sure that functionality and complexity were always kept in a tight balance, so that using the software is always effortless, but never lacking in functionality.

X Core Dashboard X Core Dashboard

Minimalistic interface.
Core information at a glance.

The dashboard is your X Core home screen, which only displays the most useful information. Current earnings, show how much INXT you have earned since day-one. Network, displays your upload and download speed, IP address and your connectivity status. X Core will always be connected unless you say otherwise.

X Core Settings X Core Settings

Host the optimal amount.
Manual and automatic.

You have full control over how much computer resource usage you designate for hosting and with Automatic Resource Switching, X Core will monitor total computer resource demand and automatically adjust your hosting parameters, to ensure hosting never interferes with your experience in other Mac OS applications. Effortless data-hosting, with no manual scheduling required.

Connect with us.

Join our amazing global community to share ideas, get updates on our development and talk to the team.