More secure than ever.

A zero-knowledge architecture

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Encryption. Advanced security that gives you all
the control to manage your cloud.

Truthfully Transparent.

X Cloud is fully transparent about its practices unlike other corporations who have abused their position and violated their user’s privacy. They collect, store and analyze more of their users data than is actually needed for any given interaction.

Cryptographic Encryption.

Our system is empowered with several types of cryptographic encryption at every stage of our processes. Files, shards, access passwords, and other textual data are protected with SHA 256 or AES 256 CTR cryptographic methods.

X Core is a simple, distributed, peer-to-peer downloadable application that enables anyone to act as a computing server. Hosts rent out their machine's extra hard-drive space which securely stores and shares encrypted shards of X Cloud user data for a return of our cryptocurrency token, INXT.

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Nodes in over

Nodes in 190 different countries

Different countries

More than

More than 1PB available data


Secure. In every way.

Decentralization.A new kind of technology that gives you more privacy, security and freedom.

The lack of a central body collecting information ensures the privacy of users remains uncompromised.

An answer to the challenge of providing a secure, private, and economical file storage solution.

Our decentralized system consists of independent components that have task specific jobs.

Removes the need for any central authorities and instead hands control back to the individual user.

A new kind of technology that gives you more privacy, security and freedom

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X Cloud is available on Web, Desktop and Mobile. We have a range of storage plans to suit your needs. 20 GB for €0.89, 200 GB for €3.49 or 2 TB for just €8.99.

Introducing X Core

Introducing X Core Get paid to share

Our tokenised asset.

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