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X Cloud Mass Storage is an object storage service that offers industry-leading scalability, data availability, security, and performance. This means customers of all sizes and industries can use it to store and protect any amount of data for as little as €0.00995 per GB/month.

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Implement Object Lifecycle Management to set a Time to Live (TTL) for objects

Latency, and speed across storage
classes simplifies integration and reduces code complexity. Implement Object Lifecycle Management to set a Time to Live (TTL) for objects, archive older version of objects, or downgrade storage classes without compromising on latency or accessibility.

X Cloud Mass Storage is simple to operate with easy-to-understand pricing. X Cloud is priced at €0.00995 per GB/month. Unlike Amazon S3 and comparable services from Google and Microsoft, X Cloud offers unlimited free egress downloads and we don’t charge for API calls.

X Cloud Mass Storage is simple to operate

X Cloud Mass Storage is priced at €0.00995 per GB/month. Below shows the comparison between the market leaders for 500TB stored and 80% data downloaded per month.

  • X Cloud Mass Storage
  • €59,700/yr
  • Microsoft Azure
  • €144,577/yr
  • Google Cloud
  • €552,936/yr
  • Amazon S3
  • €594,408/yr
  • €59,700/yr
  • €144,577/yr
  • €552,936/yr
  • €594,408/yr

Our system is empowered with cryptographic encryption at every stage of our processes. Files, shards, access passwords, and other textual data are protected with SHA 256 or AES 256 CTR cryptographic methods. Both algorithms are applied to hashing and encryption of various data.

Your data is critical to your business, and we take great care to keep it safe and secure. Files are end-to-end encrypted, fragmented, and then distributed amongst different machines all around the world. Contact us and get started with unlimited secure storage.

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X Cloud is available on Web, Desktop and Mobile. We have a range of storage plans to suit your needs. 20 GB for €0.89, 200 GB for €3.49 or 2 TB for just €8.99.

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Introducing X Core Get paid to share

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